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The optimal solution for label printing

Prisym Design labeling software is a fully featured, easy-to-use package for designing label templates, creating barcodes and printing your labels in-house. It allows the inclusion of variable data such as product codes and descriptions, barcodes, logos, pricing, languages, symbols and images in your labels.

Our label design software is available as either a stand-alone or networked solution. Created with the familiar Microsoft look and feel, it comes in three entry levels offering flexible label and barcode software, at an edition to suit your business needs, users and budget.

Variety of versions:


Prisym Professional

Ideal for enterprise and multi-user environments, the professional edition provides the security, connectivity and reporting that larger organizations need. It allows multiple users to design, edit and print labels using variable data and can drive up to 10 printers concurrently (unlimited upgrade possible).


Prisym Standard

Suitable for single users to design labels using basic variable data sets, the standard edition makes it a straight forward package for small organizations. A single workstation can drive up to 5 printers.


Prisym Print-Only

Appropriate for print operators, the print only edition has limited design features to achieve maximum performance when printing labels.